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Co2 Fractional Laser

Co2 fractional lasers works to rejuvenate the skin by stimulating collagen & elastin in the skin promoting a more youthful skin.
Fractional laser uses microscopic points of light to target small friction of the skin at a time on precise areas below the skin. 
How it works 
The CO2 Fractional laser drives thousands of individual columns of light (about the width of a hair) deep into the skin, leaving the remaining skin to stimulate collagen – the basic building blocks or structural support of our skin. The microscopic columns of treated skin are eliminated slowly over many weeks as they are replaced by healthy new tissue.
The FRACTIONAL laser technology uses the CO2 laser energy in a pixel-like fashion where microscopic holes 0.3mm are punched into the skin right next to each other via computer-generated pattern. This fractionated CO2 laser technology delivers microscopic columns of 10600nm CO2 laser energy across the skin barrier, penetrating 20%-40% of skin surface area right next to each other. The other 60-80% of non-ablated skin surface areas facilitate faster healing. Other non-CO2 fractional lasers.
What does a co2 laser machine treat?
- Pigmentation
- Stretch Marks
- Age Spots
- Surgical Scars
- Acne Scars
- Vaginal tightening 
- Vagina whitening 

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